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About You're Covered

Our mission is to protect our customers from unplanned plumbing repair costs and to ensure the issue is promptly fixed. We will send a licensed and insured plumbing professional, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We Provide Affordable Plumbing, Water & Sewer Line Protection Plans

Problems that are NOT typically covered by your homeowners insurance policy

It can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to clear or fix clogged, leaking or damaged pipes. Your home has a complex network of pipes, lines and drains that are expensive to fix when repair problems occur.

You're Covered provides affordable plans to ensure you are protected from high repair costs and our 24/7 hotline gives you access to licensed and insured plumbers to fix your issue for a *$50 per service call fee (*In-Home only).

Pipes that are located behind walls

We understand the complexities of locating and fixing the issue and send the proper licensed and insured contractor to fix the problem.

Pipes located underground or outside your home

Our protection plan options ensure you avoid paying thousands of dollars. A licensed and insured plumber will resolve your problem promptly.

Protection Plans

In-Home Plumbing Protection

With an In-Home Plumbing Protection plan, all of the hassles and unexpected repair costs will be handled by You’re Covered. We will send a licensed and insured plumber 24/7 to fix your issue at your home.
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Water Line Protection

Insurance does not cover water line breaks and you end up with expensive repair bills and a huge mess. You’re Covered will send a licensed and insured contractor 24/7 to fix the issue at your home.
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Sewer Line Protection

Sewer line issues can be expensive and are typically not covered by your homeowners insurance. We protect you from substantial repair costs and a licensed and insured plumber will fix the issue.
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Convenient Enrollment & Payment Options

Once you enroll online, your monthly or annual fee is automatically deducted from your account.

Manage Your Account Online

Conveniently update your contact information online (address, credit card expiration, etc).

Upgrade Your Protection Plan Anytime

Log into your account and upgrade your protection plan options at anytime. You may discontinue protection at anytime.

Protection Plan PDF Downloads

Feel free to download and print our Protection Plan PDF forms to review and sign-up through the mail.

In-Home Plumbing Protection

  • $2,000 Protection per year
  • 10% Discount if not covered
  • Broken water pipes
  • Burst water pipe joints
  • Clogged sink, shower, toilet drains
  • Clogged laundry lines
  • Leaking shut-off valve
  • Water supply line
  • Washing machine valve

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Water Line Protection

  • $10,000 Protection per year
  • Burst & leaking pipes
  • Pipe damage from tree roots
  • Leaks caused by corrosion
  • Excavation & equipment
  • Backfill of holes
  • Seeding of the yard
  • Inspection & permits

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Sewer Line Protection

  • $6,500 Protection per year
  • Clogs
  • Blockage
  • Corrosion
  • Inspection & permits
  • Excavation & equipment
  • Backfill holes
  • Seeding of the yard

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Ultimate Protection Plan

  • In-Home Plumbing Protection
  • Water Line Protection
  • Sewer Line Protection
  • Inside home to “shut-off valve”
  • Licensed & insured plumbers
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Phone, email & chat support

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